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Journal Article
Reviewed Work: by Gert Melville, Martial Staub
Review by: Albrecht Classen
Vol. 23 (2010), pp. 301-304
Published by: Peter Lang AG
Stable URL:
Page Count: 4
Description: Die Zeitschrift wurde ins Leben gerufen, um in den deutschsprachigen Ländern ein Periodikum vorzulegen, das vornehmlich interdisziplinäre Forschungen berücksichtigt. Das Ansinnen ist weiterhin, anderssprachigen Wissenschaftlern ein Forum für ihre Forschungsergebnisse zu bieten. Die verfolgt daher insbesondere zwei Ziele: zum einen Studien zu publizieren, die auf der kombinierten Auswertung von Quellen bzw. Anwendung von Methoden aus verschiedenen mediävistischen Fachrichtungen basieren, zum anderen die Internationalität der Forschung zu betonen und zu fördern. Als Grenzen werden zeitlich in etwa das 5. bis 16. Jahrhundert angesehen, räumlich in etwa die der lateinischen Christenheit im Hochmittelalter. enthält Aufsätze, Rezensionen und aktuelle Informationen. Einzelne Bände können vorrangig einem bestimmten Themenkomplex gewidmet sein. Until a short time ago, in German speaking countries there has neither been a periodical dealing primarly with interdisciplinary research of the Middle Ages, nor has there been a forum for regular publications in other languages. Wishing to close this gap, the journal therefore pursues two aims: 1. To publish research methods and results which deal with studies within the different categories of the Middle Ages as a subject, and 2. to offer a forum for studies in all other important European languages and thus stressing and furthering the internationality of this particular field of research. The time frame is approx. the 5th to the 16th century, corresponding with the geographical boundaries of Latin Christianity in the High Middle Ages.
Coverage: 1988-2014 (Vol. 1 - Vol. 27)
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Step 1: The user pushes the push-button, the interface valve is opened and the wastewater is evacuated. Air, which also helps to transport the waste, is also sucked into the system. At the same time, the clean water valve is opened and rinsing water is sprayed into the bowl.

Step 2: The vacuum valve is closed but the water valve remains open. A small amount of fresh water is sprayed into the bowl.

Step 3: The water valve is closed, a small volume of clean water is retained in the bowl and the toilet is ready for use again.

The collected blackwater can be discharged in different ways (JETSGROUP 2011):

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toilets systems are very favourable for source separation. In this case, greywater is collected in “greywater interface units” and is soaked away as soon as it is filled up.

Factsheet Block Title
Vacuum On Demand (VOD)
Factsheet Block Body

(adapted from JETSGROUP 2005)

Jets vacuum toilet () and its components. Source: JETSGROUP (2005)

Vacuum on demand systems produce a vacuum only at the moment the toilet needs to be flushed. The system also uses air together with water for transport of sewage, as opposed to conventional flush toilets, which use water only. The toilet evacuates air from the drainpipes automatically upon activation of the activator button. A valve opens in the toilet, and the difference in air pressure that results causes the sewage to be flushed.Due to lower energy requirement, small systems can be solar powered.

At the end of the vacuum pipes, “biotanks” can be made available to compost the already shredded waste on-site. Flushed sewage is pumped through a particle filter into the composting tank. As soon as it is full, it can be emptied and put aside for further composting (see also Tibi Cecil Loafers Sale Cheap Prices Up To Date ks23QRpXXX
or large-scale co-composting. The liquid, which is collected at the bottom of the tank, can be infiltrated or used as fertiliser (see also leach field , soak pit , fertigation ) (JETSGROUP 2005). Depending on the local standards and restrictions a secondary treatment may be required before discharge or reuse (see also New Arrival For Sale Discount 2018 MARK MID 20 MERLINS Hightop trainers navy/white/black ogdpOJxTF
; vertical , horizontal or free surface-flow constructed wetlands.

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